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Lavender CO2 Extract (30 ml)

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The lavender oil offered by us is extracted from Lavandula angustifolia of the Lamiaceae family. It is also known as garden, common or English lavender. The CO2 extraction process ensures that we are able to offer only the best quality of lavender oil.



Lavender has always been associated with beauty products, but lavender oil has other medicinal qualities as well. It is effective in cases of severe headache and is good for the nerves.

Treat yourself to this well-loved aroma by adding a few drops of oil to lotions, shampoos, and skin care products. Use Lavender as part of your evening routine. Rub oil on the bottom of your feet before bed or spritz your pillow with distilled water and Lavender mixed in a spray bottle. Create a DIY room freshener with Lavender or diffuse it to banish stale odors.



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