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Cinnamon Essential Oil (10 ml)

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Cinnamon Essential Oil is highly respected as having antiseptic properties.

With its strong germicidal properties, cinnamon leaf oil works as a non-toxic natural disinfectant. Use it to clean your toilets, refrigerator, kitchen counters and other surfaces, door knobs, microwave, and sneakers. 


Make a facial scrub. Mix it with cinnamon sugar, orange juice, and olive oil to create a rejuvenating scrub that has antiseptic properties to help kill facial bacteria effectively.

Add it to your shampoo. Add a drop of cinnamon leaf oil to your regular non-chemical shampoo. This will help keep your hair healthy.

Some studies indicate that Cinnamon Essential Oil is perfect in topical applications, and with its pleasant scent, a perfect additive to creams, lotions, and soaps.

Must always delude for use. Max use 2% of the ready product.



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