Aloe Vera Carrier Oil (50 ml) | NATURAL COSMETIC UAE
Aloe Vera Carrier Oil (50 ml) | NATURAL COSMETIC UAE

Aloe Vera Carrier Oil (50 ml)

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Aloe Vera healing properties are recognized worldwide and it is specially noted for healing and soothing effect on skin affliction and wounds. The special blend of aloe Vera oil stimulates the body's immune system while being naturally hypoallergenic with about the same pH balance of the skin. This oil is great for all skin types but is especially useful for sensitive skin and those with tendency for allergies. Its healing effects are amazing. Aloe Vera Carrier Oil is extracted from soft fleshy center of aloe Vera skin, this oil is an excellent moisturizer and carrier base for various essential oils. The high content of the Oleic acid gives aloe Vera greater affinity with skin compared with other oils.


Aloe Vera Carrier Oil is a good carrying agent for essential oils but it can also be effective moisturizer on its own. It can be used as base oil for any formulation. This natural oil is light and fast absorbing and has its best use in formulations for oily and prone skin.


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