Lana Feb, 24 2017

My fav cosmetics

Amazing products! Really love them. Morocon beauty products are the best I've ever tried??? love love this cosmetics and quality


Anna Tonoyan Feb, 24 2017

informative and useful site

The site is composed very professionally, it is rather informative and useful and motivates you to know more of the product and buy it.



Msngo butter

Perfect moisturizer, almost odorless, has consistence of soft butter. It is perfect to be used as it is or as a base for creams. I like it.

– Yaleyna on Mango Butter (100 g)


Coconut butter

Excellent moisturizer, very easy to apply, becomes soft while using. Great for dry skin, I use it in making creams for myself and my family.

– Yaleyna on Organic Coconut Butter (100 g)


Clary Sage Oil

The oil has pine odor , very strong, deep and lasting, but it gives me calmness and normalizes my mood. I use it in bath/ aromatherapy, sometimes I apply one...

– Yaleyna on Clary Sage Essential Oil (10 ml)


Vanilla Essential Oil

Everybody knows vanilla odor- sweet and soft. I am fan of the vanilla in any views, so I mostly use it in aromatherapy/ bath and as additive to my creams. It...

– Yaleyna on Vanilla Essential Oil (10 ml)


Ylang-ylang essential oil

Ylang-ylang essential oil has very unique aphrodisiac and astringent odor. I use it in my cream, in aromatherapy/ bath and aroma combing (for hair). Please b...

– Yaleyna on Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (10 ml)


Jojoba Oil

Almost odorless, the oil can be used in different ways. I use it for my skin as moisturizer, also it is good for my hair and I use it in manicure/ pedicure. ...

– Yaleyna on Jojoba Carrier Oil (50 ml)


Apricot Kernel Oil

I like the aroma and moisturizing effect of the oil. My skin likes it, cause it absorbs it immediately without any fatty shine.

– Yaleyna on Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil (100 ml)


Cucumber Oil

Perfect moisturizer, refreshing cucumber aroma.

– Yaleyna on Cucumber Carrier Oil (50 ml)


Help Lotion

Almost odorless, the lotion is a very light moisturizer. I use it when I feel my skin is tired of heavy creams, but still needs moisturizing. Great in using...

– Yaleyna on Natural Hemp Lotion (3,4 oz)


Bluberry Aloe Jelly

This is unique product, which can be used as a light moisturizer for those who doesn't like to use heavy creams for the skin. It absorbs immediately, leaves ...

– Yaleyna on Blueberry Aloe Jelly (USDA Certified Organic)


Multi Tea Cleanser

Very soft and effective cleanser. I always feel tingling for the first seconds of applying, means the cleanser works good to me. After using, skin feels clea...

– Yaleyna on Multi Tea Facial Cleanser (3,4 oz)


Sugar Coconut Scrub

The particles of the scrub is larger than in Walnut&Orange&Mint scrub. The scrub both moisturizes the skin thanks to the coconut oil. It is too rough for my...

– Yaleyna on Virgin Coconut Sugar Scrub (3,4 oz)


Blood Orange AHA Mint Walnut Body Polish

The scrub perfectly cleanses the skin from dead skin particles, makes the skin soft and pleasant to the touch. I suppose thanks to the smallest particles of ...

– Yaleyna on Blood Orange AHA Mint Walnut Body Polish


Chocolate Mint Crème

I was waiting for the crème for the loooong time! It is my passion and joy! I love the combination of chocolate and mint, especially when it is pure and natu...

– Yaleyna on Chocolate Mint Cream (3,4 oz)


Muscle Jelly

I’ve decided to try the Muscle Jelly as an aid to muscles (muscle strain in a gym, pool etc.) However, I was really surprised the product has an amazing fres...

– Yaleyna on Muscle Jelly (3,4 oz)


Lingonberry All Over Wash

Have you ever tried aroma of flowers, fruits and freshness at the same time? Well, I did! =) And I was surprised that lingonberry has such an amazing odor! I...

– Yaleyna on Lingonberry All Over Wash (3,4 oz)


Aloe Vera Carrier Oil

No doubts, Aloe Vera is a curative and multipurpose product! Some people grow the plant aloe vera at home to be able to use the natural juice in different wa...

– Yaleyna on Aloe Vera Carrier Oil (50 ml)


Charcoal Creme Masque

I heard the charcoal is multifunctional product and can be used in different ways. So, I tried the product as a cream masque. First of all, the consistence i...

– Yaleyna on Charcoal Creme Masque (3,4 oz)


Coffee Hair & Body Wash

Rich natural coffee aroma, the foaming consistence and multipurpose use- that’s why I liked the product. I use it as a shampoo, face and body wash, also it c...

– Yaleyna on Coffee Hair & Body Wash (3,4 oz)


Eco Marine Algae Extract

When I saw the name of the Extract (Eco Marine Algae), my first thought was about the sea sources, which contain a lot of useful minerals and microelements. ...

– Yaleyna on Eco Marine Algae Extract (3 ml)



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