Summer time - Survival

Summer time - Survival

Good day again. April is coming close to end so are the more or less cool days. Summer in the Middle East is a true challenge for the skin. So what we get in summer and what we can do to survive this weather.

Let’s see…summer months mean pretty much permanent sunshine. I know that people living in the region would not go sunbathing in summer days. (I have seen a few though) But no matter what one cannot just sit home 100% of the time. We must to go shopping, driving, working and what not. And no matter what they say we do catch quite a plenty of UVA and UVB rays on the skin every day.

Exposure to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays can have long- and short-term effects on the skin. Short term effects like skin peeling off and the obvious signs of sun burn can be quite painful and sometimes dangerous. Well but this happens only if really overstaying in the direct sun or for those with white sensitive skin. But I believe what we should worry about is long term effects.  Long-Term effects are the result of repeated and excessive exposure to the sun over the years, resulting in more serious conditions that can include like wrinkles, sagging skin, dry skin texture, and can even cause cancerous skin growths.

I am sure that most people have already read about this. But in either case if you live in a hot and sunny region then you must really take care of your skin. I know the best thing you can do is to cover up or sit inside. But if you do not then here some basic ways to help sun damaged skin.

The first of all rule is exfoliation. This is the most basic treatment and the best place to start. Exfoliation removes the surface layer of dead and damaged skin cells which immediately improves the texture of the skin and allows for better absorption of beneficial products and treatments. Do use scrubs for this. And when choosing a scrub make sure you get the right one for your skin type. For example, if you have sensitive or prone skin avoid using scrubs with larger particles like sugar, sea salt to avoid damaging the skin look for the ones containing powders like jojoba beans powder, apricot or cranberry seed powder, finely grinded nuts. Those powders will provide for a much gentler exfoliation but will in the end get you the result you need. And opposite if you have dry skin.

The other thing is hydrating! Make sure to hydrate the skin every day and use SPF. If one says that there is no such thing as natural SPF then this is not true. Some ingredients do provide for a natural sun protection. Lab tests have shown an SPF range from 4 to 28 for some of the natural extracts. For example, Raspberry oil, Cranberry oil, Aloe Vera, Shea butter, Strawberry oil, walnut and caffeine. Those ingredients are natural option to have in your natural skincare products so look for them in your products or order customized products for your skin.

Unfortunately, sun is not the only problem outside. Even if you are in the shade or under umbrella or covered with clothes there is nothing you can do about the temperatures and humidity. It is like everlasting sauna outside.

So, people sweat. In general sweating is not bad for skin. In fact, it can be quite beneficial. Sweating is forcing the skin to rid of bacteria, toxins and dirt. This is why sauna and steam treatments are so widely used by beauty professionals. But in case if the sauna is outside and you do not take shower right before and after sauna this benefit is turning into a disaster. The fact is that the heat is forcing pores to open, sweat is forcing the toxins out to outer layer of skin but unless you wash shortly after sweating in heat skin start to reabsorb all the toxins back and humidity is helping this process. If you add fine sand and dust and other toxins in the air outside which are sticking to wet and open skin this would mean all this going directly back to the skin plus doubling friction with clothing on the wet skin and this is really bad news. In this situation many people suffer from acne, rashes, extra sensitivity of the skin, redness, itchy skin and over oily skin.

So here are some survival tips. Drink a lot during the day! The higher the water content in perspiration, the lower the chance of skin irritation. Water adds minerals, acids and proteins to sweat, reducing the skin's pH imbalance. Make sure to take shower before going out. This would reduce the amount of toxins on the skin and irritation. Try to wear natural clothes like cotton or linen versus synthetic. Natural material absorb better and provide for less friction. Make sure to take shower as soon as possible when coming back from outside.

Try using lighter and less oily creams or switch to gels for summer time. Natural vegetable oils are absolutely great for the skin. And if yet using a cream based on natural oils try to use it at least one hour before going out. Natural oils have different levels of absorption to the skin and they provide for natural protective layer on the skin. Although in case of heat and humidity this protective layer may work as a barrier for the skin to rid of toxins.

Do use exfoliates. Specially for summer months the more you take care of washing the skin the better. So scrubs, toners, gel cleansers are to go for as a must in your daily routine. Use creams, lotions and gels containing natural sun protection ingredients. And stay out of heat and sun for extended time!

Overall to cover up in a brighter note, summer is on the other hand make for brighter night life and is time for travel and adventure. So enjoy the coming summer, stay healthy and try to help your skin in a natural and healthy way

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