Self massage

Self massage

Modern technologies and comfortable conditions significantly reduced our physical activity and this is a fact, constant stress and unrest binds the muscles and contributes to the occurrence of spasms and injuries. However, things are not so bad, not only modern technologies, but also modern medicine and therapies surprise us with their achievements. When speaking about muscle relaxation, the first thing which comes to mind is massage and all its different methods. Someone likes classical massage, somebody likes Thai massage. Undoubtedly, it is better to trust professionals, but I am glad to give you good news - home massage, or self-massage also has its effects, especially with regular and accurate application.


What is the benefit of massage?

It is known that massage cleanses tissues, stimulates metabolic processes in the body, exerts a psycho-therapeutic effect, increases physical endurance due to the effect on the muscles, helps improve the condition of the skin and hair. In addition, it is proven that through the nerve endings on the skin, signals are sent to the brain, which provokes the production of endorphin-hormones of happiness.
By acting on certain active points of the projection of organs, it is possible to adjust the work of the whole organism, stabilize the nervous system, accelerate the regeneration process. Combining various massage techniques and alternating intensity of exposure, one can both relax and tone muscles, calm or excite the nervous system, increase self-confidence and Remove emotional blocks


Basics of self-massage technique.

Massage should be done only with clean hands, in the absence of accessories (rings, bracelets). Massage cream (gel) or oil for comfortable sliding of hands is applied to massaged areas of the body. If the purpose of self-massage is to achieve a certain effect or treatment, you can use special ointments, base oils with the addition of ethereal or gels for rubbing into the skin.

Massage is recommended to be done daily or every other day, but remember that you do not need to overdo it. The time spent for a massage at home should not exceed 20 minutes. Self-massage is not recommended right before bedtime.
Basic massage techniques (sequentially):

Stroking - they begin and end self-massage of any part of the body, which allows you to prepare the skin for action and calm down after the procedure. They also contribute to the renewal of the skin and have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Pommel movements affect the blood vessels, the muscular and nervous systems.

Friction -actions that help improve blood circulation, reduce swelling and fluid accumulation in the body.

Shaking - perfectly relieve muscle tension, stimulates blood circulation.
To finish self-massage, as already mentioned, ends with stroking.

You can also vary and combine techniques depending on what effect you need to achieve. For example, the most active actions need to be performed in the hip area, from their outer side, if the goal is to reduce the appearance of cellulite. By the way, this massage can be done in the bathroom, massaging with a washcloth (preferably from natural loofah) with the help of a scrub with the addition of essential oil (the most effective are citrus fruits).
Remember that massage movements must be performed strictly along the course of the lymph flow (see picture)

Restrictions: for any massage, the main thing is delicacy and moderation, especially with varicose veins and spider veins. Massage is not recommended for skin inflammations, rashes and infections.

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