Sauna for the face as a way to cleanse the skin

Sauna for the face as a way to cleanse the skin

Hi there! Let's talk about cleaning the skin with steam at home today.

It's meaning is that, since moisture and heat soften the cornified upper layer of the skin, thereby facilitating its removal, they also contribute to the expansion of the skin pores. Consequently, it begins to "breathe" better, which causes oxygen saturation and increases blood circulation, activating metabolic processes. When sweating, contaminants that prevent normal breathing of the skin, along with toxins, easily reach the surface of the skin. After this skin cleansing, your masks and creams, penetrating deep into the epidermis of the skin, are several times more effective!

All right, this can be achieved by having a bath or sauna. However, frequent taking a hot bath or visiting the sauna often dries out the skin, besides it is not always convenient (or even contraindicated!) And, in addition, often skin problems arise on the most prominent and presentable place- on our face. What can we do to improve our face skin without using bath or sauna?

There is an old proven method of steaming the face at home - a pan with hot water, our head covered with a towel and our face is having the steam under it for 10-15 minutes. But nowadays, there is a wonderful analogue-electric appliances, so-called facial saunas (available commercially), besides being easy to use, it meets all safety requirements (with proper use, of course) and variability (can be used for face sauna and for inhalations).

What are the requirements for the process of steaming / taking a sauna?

Before applying the steamer / sauna, it is mandatory to clean the face skin (including make-up!). Make sure your hair will touch your face during the treatments (so better to hide them under the cap or towel). The best time for the treatment is the evening, because the skin will rest and be restored.

The duration of the face sauna depends on your skin type: for dry it is 5-7 minutes once a month, for normal - up to 10-15 minutes every 10 days, for combined and oily - up to 20 minutes once a week. In this case, for dry and sensitive skin, it is recommended to apply a light nourishing cream before the treatment, so as not to dry it with steam.

If you want the steam sauna to become even more effective, you can add both medicinal herbs and essential oils to your skin (into the water or a special container in the appliance).

For example,
For dry and sensitive skin: chamomile, dill, lemon, mint.
For oily and problematic skin: tea tree, cedar, bergamot, eucalyptus, rosehip, rosemary and sage.
For normal skin: chamomile, sandalwood, rose, lavender, geranium.
For aging skin or with pigmentation: blue chamomile oil, bergamot, rose, lemon, lavender, cedar.
For all skin types: nettle, chamomile and calendula.

After the treatment cleanse the skin with a soft scrub, or get wet with a damp cloth (for dry skin) or rub with lotion (for oily skin), then apply the cream of the effect you want to achieve.

The face sauna helps to clear pores of a skin, to get rid of pimples and acne, smoothing a skin and helping it to be fresh and healthy.

Important! This treatment is not recommended for people with extra-sensitive skin (as an alternative, warm compresses can be used), dilated vessels, as well as skin diseases (consult your doctor).

I hope the information was useful for you!

Write us your feedback, we look forward to your comments! See you soon!

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