Oily skin and natural skincare

Oily skin and natural skincare

Good day again. We have recently talked about some of the ingredients and some product types. But today I want to talk about the skin types. I will start with my type. Oily skin could be a bit of a problem especially in hot humid climate. On top of already existing discomfort of dealing with oily skin, heat is only making it worse.

Oily skin can be the result of genetic background, or hormone issue, or a temporary hormone issue like during pregnancy, or stress and of course could be the result of diet. The access oil in the outer layer of the skin is due to extra sebum production by sebaceous glands. On the one hand, you’d think more sebum the more plump and smooth is the skin. And yes, the good news is that oily skin may tend to have less wrinkles and look younger. The really bad news is that extra oil is provoking blackheads, whiteheads, large pores besides the fact that skin looks shiny and oily.

So, if you have oily skin besides rechecking your diet and looking after the hormones what could be done from natural skincare perspective.

First is how you wash your face. With oily skin washing is very important. It is best to avoid cleansers containing a lot of slow absorbing oils. For example, coconut oil scrub can be super beneficial for dry skin but for the oily skin this means that exactly after washing you’d feel like you accidentally catch the butter cake with your face. Cleansers based on natural hydrosols would on the other hand would give you the feel of fresh and clean skin. Best is choosing cleansers with natural astringents like citrus (sweet orange, neroli, lemon is great for oily skin as well), peppermint also healing ingredients like dill, cinnamon, chamomile and calendula. As if your oily skin already giving you the problem with blackheads and whiteheads which I know you always tend to go ahead and break making your face look like a battle field then healing and anti-inflammatory ingredients in your cleansers is a must! In case of using scrubs then the smaller the particles are the better it is for your skin. Consider scrubs using apricot kernels, or grinded nuts (walnuts or almonds)

Using toners is very beneficial for oily skin as well. Even if this means using toner after using a cleanser with water. Too much? Not at all. Natural toner based on natural hydrolats is the best option as it would remove any extra oil before you start with your day cream or serum. Rosewater, Cucumber, Orange Blossom, Chamomile or after 40 add of frankincense mixed with other hydrosols would help with wrinkles too. Those toners would not irritate the skin or over dry the skin in fact would give the feel of freshness which is very important for anyone with oily skin.

Now for the use of cream or serum. People with oily skin tend to be very picky with creams. Because if the cream is a little too oily then using it is very uncomfortable to put it mildly.  There are creams though with light texture and based on the ingredients working great with oily skin. Taking a base of Aloe Vera gel, rosewater as an example and carrier oil base with light oils like rosehip oil, sunflower or grapeseed oil would be a great solution for a very light and least oily cream. This works great! Though in hot weather I personally prefer gels. Gels are water based. Water based does not have to be 90% water, this can and frankly should be hydrosols plus active ingredients like extracts and essential oils. Though taken that gels typically do not contain carrier oils which works great for the summer time and very hot weather.  Aloe Vera based gels are great for that matter with the addition of the extracts required for your specific skin issues.

In fact, with oily skin I normally recommend using day cream or gel only and avoid the heavier night creams. Yes, those work for making your skin plumper overnight but in case of oily skin this may work as making your face look like it is swelling. So the best thing for the night is to clean the skin use toner and let it breath overnight.

There is also a thing you may do for the large pores look. Take two table spoons of chamomile and calendula flowers (dried) for two cups of boiling water. Leave it for an hour to cool and filter to get rid of herbs. Squeeze one lemon juice and add to mix. Distribute to the form for ice cubes and freeze. Use one cube of ice on your skin instead of toner. Cold ice mixture is reducing the look of large pores and is very refreshing. If you wish can experiment and add fresh cucumber juice or rosewater to the mix. Ice cubes are indeed working nicely with oily skin.

Now for the masques. Of course, having oily skin does not mean that one cannot get the full benefits of natural cosmetics. Sometimes cream masques do not feel so great with oily skin though. The best masques for oily skin I would say are mud based, Moroccan Rhassoul or Green mud are doing wonders! Even the creamy versions of those. There is a lot of talk about charcoals now too. And I have to agree these ingredients is really good for the oily skin! It is giving this antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to any masque. Peel off masques are also very good for oily skin. Best used are with healing and astringent qualities.

So I do hope this would help out some with oily skin to go on with the right choices and best options

Experiment and enjoy!

As always, we would love to see your comments and ideas.

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