Natural Shampoo – Nightmare or blessing?

Natural Shampoo – Nightmare or blessing?

Good day again. Today about natural shampoo. I will be honest with you. I am addicted to organic skincare products. Once I switched and can not see myself switching back. This you may hear from anyone every switching to all natural products. And with skincare products I am finally happy. But! For my hair this in a way was a challenge and a challenge which almost made me give up on this idea all together.

I can say the truth finding a shampoo which could fit my oily and thin hair is a real problem. So lets see what the challenge is about.

What we look for in a shampoo. We want good foaming so we do not have to use too much at a time, nice aroma, we DO NOT want any greasy feel or tangling after washing! This is true.

What makes for those qualities? Lather and foam is achieved with detergents or so called surfactants. So the more bubble the more detergent is used. That unfortunately is bitter truth. Now many start using sulfate free shampoo. What this means? The most commonly used sulfate in shampoo is Soium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), however this man-made chemical is often used to remove grease and oil from engines or floors. If it is capable of removing grease from engines, you can imagine what it would do to your hair! As a matter of fact, the sulfates will remove natural oils from your hair and scalp, leading to dryness, thinning or even loss of hair. But why switch to natural skincare if using the floor cleaners on the hair! Some natural shampoo contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA) instead. Sounds very close! Contrary to SLS, SLSA is known to be a much milder, natural cleanser that is hydrophilic- it dissolves much quicker with water and rinses faster. Is SLSA bad for hair? The short answer is no. It is lets say a natural version of foaming agents in a shampoo.

Now for the next point. Aroma! Yes we love the shampoo to smell great. But there is a difference in the use of perfume and essential oils as both perfume and medicinal ingredient. The fact is essential oils will not give the smell as strong and lasting as synthetic perfume ingredients for two reasons. There is a limit of how much essential oil one can use in the product without any risk of skin irritation and there are internationally regulated limits. Depending on the used essential oil the aroma may or may not be this strong flower or candy type. Natural shampoo may as well smell like herbs or have mild flowery or fruity smell. Well! For me personally this is not a big deal. I can as well use mild smelling shampoo and not suffer too much.

And what works for this detangling and smoothing effect. For example, the chemical dimethicone (which makes hair shiny and easy to comb) is in many shampoos but is classified by the as a possible toxin. Mineral oils which are petroleum based ingredients. Much cheaper option for vegetable oils when vegetable oils are far more expensive.

Now coming to the problem of choosing a natural shampoo. What we have. Natural shampoo would most likely not foam as much as you are used to if it is sulfates free. It may not have this great any color candy smell texture. In most cases natural shampoo may have a much lighter aroma and less variations for the color. Mostly clear actually. If talking about therapeutic effects and using hydrosols vs water and natural oils it will be on expensive side. And the main thing. Before choosing the right shampoo one must look up the ingredients list to avoid deep disappointments. What I mean is natural oils are yet oils. If you have oily hair, then I would say you’d not want to see coconut oil or heavy castor oil in your shampoo. I know there is so much information about how those are great for the hair. They are! But in the end of the day if after washing hair you feel like you dropped a cup of butter on your head chances are you’d switch back to synthetic option. Just an example and the point is choosing a natural shampoo may be a challenge but in the end of the day this could as well turn into a blessing.

And as always we’d love to hear from you, your comments, reviews and posts!

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