Hydrosols or Floral Waters and what we can do with them

Hydrosols or Floral Waters and what we can do with them

So to continue our blog about the healthy diet for our skin. Let’s start with the drinks J kidding. But let’s admit it why do we use face toners? Well unless we got a chance to wash the face with distilled water then cleaning the skin means cleaning it with disinfectant agents used in water purification process like chlorine or use toner. Some women I know prefer cleaning with toner only actually. And there are so many options for toners out there of course. But ever think of using a hydrosol or a mix of those instead of a mainstream cosmetic toner?  

Hydrosols or what they are also called hydrolats or floral waters. What are they? Hydrosols are usually a byproduct from essential oil production. Basically when producing an essential oil, a distiller brews plant material with water in large cooker the steam fills the pot and as it rises it causes the glands of the plants to release the oils and essence into the steam. The oil rises through a condenser and collets separately which is known as an essential oil. But the water that was steamed with the original plant material is what we know as hydrosol. So to make the story shorter hydrosols have about same qualities of an essential oil but are very much diluted. Well. For the essential oils we will have a separate talk but as a good thing to know those you can’t just put on your skin as much as you like due to them being so much concentrated. But hydrosols are totally great when we talk about gentle approach on the skin. Those are like herbal tea but for the skin. Mild but supportive.

What can you actually do with them. Well here are some ways to use them.

  • Facial Spray: or a tonic. Yes, instead of the branded ones with a long list of ingredients starting with aqua. What this means really is that distilled water is the ingredients used most in the product in highest proportion. Not that water is going to do anything bad for your face but it will not do much of a benefit either besides cleaning. Distilled water with herbs sounds like a nice replacement option to me.
  • Body Spray: Lightly mist your body to feel cooled and refreshed. Depending on the aromatic intensity of the hydrosol used, your body will be left lightly fragranced.
  • Light Hair Spray: Mist your hair to leave it hydrated and lightly fragranced.
  • Deodorant Spray: Mist under arms and as needed elsewhere to help prevent body odor. Hydrosols with antibacterial properties can be especially helpful in minimizing body odor.
  • Foot Spray: Mist the tops and bottoms of feet to help control foot odor and to refresh your feet. Hydrosols with antibacterial properties can be especially helpful in minimizing foot odor.
  • Men's Aftershave: Hydrosols can be adapted for use as a men's aftershave same way as a face toner.

But if you wish to start out with transforming your skin diet to organic then can start out with replacing your facial toners and facial sprays with natural floral waters or a mix of those how I usually do.

Now let’s see what we got to offer

Chamomile Blue and Chamomile Roman are two really fantastic herbs. I yet recall from childhood having chamomile tea as a panacea for anything what was wrong with me. Stomach pain, scratches what not my grandma was making for me chamomile tea. And it was helping as far as I remember. This plant is an age-old medicinal herb known in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Chamomile's popularity grew throughout the Middle Ages when people turned to it as a remedy for numerous medical complaints including asthma, colic, fevers, inflammations, nausea, nervous complaints, children's ailments, skin diseases. So if you have any issues with broken skin, scratches open wounds this would be a great ingredient to add up to your skin diet. This also goes for sensitive skin and those with eczema.

Rose (Damask) and Rose Otto if you enjoy beautiful floral smell then you’d love the sweet rose scent on your skin. It feels really fresh and light. Extracts of this delicate flower may be used on all skin types but are often included in products for dry, sensitive, and mature skin. Rose hydrosol (also known as rosewater) has antibacterial properties also. It has great antioxidant, hydrating, revitalizing and moisturizing qualities for the skin to help it look more smooth and fresh.

Lemon hydrosol  The antioxidants found in vitamin C do double duty in lemon water. They fight damage caused by free radicals, keeping your skin looking fresh. Getting enough vitamin C from your lemon water also keeps the body producing collagen, essential in smoothing out lines in the face. Think of it as your skin detox product. And yes just other organs in our body skin requires detox help periodically as well.

Orange Blossom Water  Orange blossom water is excellent for the skin and is so gentle that it is a common ingredient in baby products in France. Use it to replace your usual toner, but be sure to buy the pure, natural distillations of the water. It is really great for oil skin and is refreshing not mentioning the great citrus smell.

Geranium Hydrosol Ideal for combination skin Geranium Water Geranium water is made during the production of Egyptian Essential Oil. A balancing act on the skin, making it ideal for combination and teenage skin. Geranium water will help to dry oily patches of the skin and encourage dry patches to improve normal oil secretion of the skin. It blends great with Lavender, Rose, Geranium, Ylang Ylang

Frankincense Hydrosol   Frankincense is a precious aromatic treasure for the skin very well known in this region. I sometimes think is used here same as my grandma used the chamomile J. But really if you love the oriental scent of this water you could also enjoy a load of beautiful benefits for the skin. This aromatic water purifies oily or troubled complexions, rejuvenates mature skin, and if used over time, reduces the effects of time (as seen in facial lines & wrinkles).

Now maybe you are convinced or maybe not. But you can try out a couple of things to use at home as a face toner. Well at least have this natural experiment for the sake of it.

You can try to mix hydrosols depending on your skin type.

For example, to make a fresh fruity mix try mixing Chamomile water 15 ml, Orange blossom 12.5 ml and Lemon hydrosol 22.5 ml. pour into a spray bottle or any bottle most comfortable for you and shake well, this mix you can use instead of toner. Best to keep in dark and cool place as it is yet a natural product and does not contain any artificial preservatives.

Or you can experiment some more and for those who have time and desire you can make another fresh and absolutely rejuvenating toner with cucumber juice and Aloe Vera, why I say if you have time and desire is because this one is based on fresh made cucumber juice so unless you have a natural preservative this can only stay in the fridge and I would suggest to make a small amount to keep it no longer than a week.

So how you make it. Peel a cucumber and mash in a blender. Filter it through paper filters until almost clear. Use 9 ml of cucumber juice, 12 ml Rose water, 7,5 ml of aloe Vera gel and 1,5 ml of Vitamin E (this you can buy in pharmacy). Mix it well and keep it in the fridge. Try it once you’d really love it! I know I love it.

Let me know what you think and hope to see you in the next post

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