Honey in cosmetics

Honey in cosmetics

The honey's healing properties for cold and viral diseases are known to everyone. With its strong antibacterial and bactericidal properties, it is also uses to prepare sufficiently effective ointments. However, this delicacy and accompanying products (wax, emulsions from honey, etc.) can be successfully used in cosmetic procedures as additives in balms for skin and hair, in various types of creams, in scrubs and so on.

It has been studied that honey is easily and completely absorbed by the human body, both when taken internally and through the skin. In addition to carbohydrates, fruit and grape sugar, it contains about 60 useful substances: potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, enzymes, organic acids, biogenic stimulants, vitamins. Honey has the ability to cause increased blood flow to the skin tissue, thereby improving its nutrition. In addition, honey contains antimicrobial components that do not break down during storage!

Here are the main effects of honey on the skin:

  • Usages skin cells with useful ingredients and substances;
  • Softens the skin and relaxes the stitched areas;
  • Eliminates inflammation and redness of the skin;
  • Restores the water balance in the skin, helping to cope with the dryness of the skin;
  • Excellent cleansing of the skin and contaminated pores, fighting with acne;
  • Flows the skin, brings it into tone;
  • Has a rejuvenating effect;
  • Treats wrinkles;
  • Has a brightening effect.
Remember the famous beauty treatment of Cleopatra - a bath with milk and honey? Оne liter of milk mixed with three tablespoons of honey, added to a bath with room temperature water and you feel like a great queen! ;) Masks from the same ingredients (equal parts of milk and honey) will also sooth and smooth your skin. The simpler, the better! And natural.
Honey extracts and emulsions also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as honey itself. They can strengthen the skin's ability to retain moisture for a long time, nourish, restore its relief, improve skin color, remove dryness and roughness, giving the skin velvety, increasing its elasticity and smoothness. They are actively used in the cosmetic industry for the manufacture of products for fading and sensitive skin, for the care of the delicate skin around the eyes, in sunscreens and moisturizers for the skin. In addition, they are used in shampoos and balms, as well as independent products for the hair care (dosage is from 0.5% to 2%.)
Beeswax is a product of the life of bees, secreted by the bee gland and used to construct honeycombs. This is a complex organic compound, also widely used in cosmetology due to the high concentration of vitamin A in it, which is so necessary for the nutrition of our skin. It is the fact that it absorbs by skin very slowly, forming a kind of membrane, without clogging the pores. This membrane significantly slows the process of dehydration and aging of the skin, making it soft, smooth and elastic.
Wax is also used to prepare a wide range of different creams: nutritious, bleaching, cleansing, moisturizing. It is a part of hair nutrition, protective products, lip balms and hand and nails care products (creams - up to 5%; balsams and lipsticks - up to 10%)
Important: before applying honey and accompanying products, be sure you don't have an allergy on it. Make a test on your skin behind the ear or at the elbow bend. Also, it is not recommended for people with severe vascular pattern on the skin and with diabetes.
For your DIY: beeswax must not to be melted in metal, cast iron, iron or copper utensils. Use a suitable stainless steel cookware, aluminum, enamel or wooden utensils.

Moisturizing honey masks:

For oily skin - 2 tablespoons powdered oat flakes and soak in 1 tbsp. of natural yoghurt, mix with 1 tsp. Honey and apply on the face for 15-20 minutes (this mask nourishes the skin, moisturizes, improves the elasticity of the skin). Instead of flakes, you can use 1 tsp. Ground cinnamon (rejuvenating effect)

For dry skin, mix one egg yolk with 1 tsp. Honey, 1 teaspoon of butter or olive oil and 1 tbsp. of grinded walnut, mix all the ingredients and apply to the face for up to 25 minutes (this mask is well absorbed by the skin and provides with moisture, vitamin A and biotin, also cleanses the skin and nourishes). Instead of egg, you can use apple puree.

Nourishing cream for combination skin:

You will need solid oils: Beeswax 3 g, coconut oil 6 g, mango oil 3 g,

Carrier oils: Argan oil 7.2 g, grape seed oil 7.2 g, Aloe vera oil 1 g.

Active components: Vitamin E 0.3 gr, natural honey 1 gr, Ginseng extract 0.5 gr

Essential oils: chamomile 0,3 gr and ylang-ylang 0,3 gr

Necessary tools. Heat-resistant bowl, preferably glass or ceramic (do not use metal or plastic dishes), whisk, water bath, kitchen scale.

Preparation: in a water bath, melt the wax and solid oils to a liquid consistency. Gradually add base oils to the mixture stirring well until blended. When the mixture is body temperature, add the active ingredients and essential oils. Stir well until blended and leave in a cool place to cool for an hour or two. After that enjoy this revitalizing and nourishing cream.

Moisturizing and healing lipstick:

For this you need: Beeswax 6 g, Cocoa butter 6 g, Aloe Vera oil 4 g, Argan oil 3 g, vitamin E - 10 drops, Lemon or sweet orange essential oil (5 drops total mix). You can use a mixture of essential oils, such as calendula or chamomile if you need a healing effect, cocoa.

Necessary tools. Heat-resistant bowl, glass or ceramic (do not use metal or plastic dishes), whisk, water bath, kitchen scale with high precision.

Method of preparation: Melt beeswax and solid oils in a bowl on a water bath until liquid. Gradually add Aloe vera oil and argan oil to the mix actively stirring the mixture until blended. If necessary, you can put a bowl on a pillow of ice to speed up the process. When the mixture is body temperature, add Vitamin E and essential oil(s) and mix thoroughly until a completely blended. Pour the mixture into a jar or lipstick container and leave in a cool place to set. Do not put the product in the refrigerator for cooling to remain the product texture and consistency.

Enjoy an absolutely safe and healing lipstick.

Solid perfume for the body:

For this you need: 6 g of beeswax melted in a water bath, add 4 grams of jojoba oil or almond oil and up to 8 drops of your favorite essential oils - for example, ylang ylang or rose. Pour into a jar and allow to cool.

Important: perfume is not recommended for use on the whole body, as any product containing a high percentage of essential oils, it should only be used on small areas of the skin.

Honey moisturizer (glycerin honey extract): a ready-to-use remedy, cleans and moisturizes the skin, and also has an air conditioner effect for the hair. Can be added as a moisturizing ingredient in the finished cream.

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