Holistic Skincare or why we do this

Holistic Skincare or why we do this

Why we do this?

Now lets start with why I am here trying to convince you to consider natural products or going DIY. Any woman especially here in Middle East living in harsh hot and humid climate would understand the frustrations about the skin problems. I am no exception to this. Yeah the market is full of all kinds of great stuff promising all kinds of miracles. Just like any woman I was and still am to be honest ready to pay what requires to not see those puffy eyes and pimples in the mirror when I wake up.

There are some great products out there I am sure and so many women are well satisfied with those. But for some of us it takes years to actually find the right product. Change the climate or just water you use and there you go what was working so well is not working anymore. And I know some of you may relate. I do recall spending 600-700 AED on a one cream with some pitiful results. The promise was that some new scientific revolutionary ingredient would make my wrinkles go and puffy eyes looking like 10 years ago.  But in the end the cream would either seem to work for a week or so and then produce no result or even worse give me allergic reaction so I end up throwing those 600-700 AED to trash can.

On the one hand can I blame the producer? Maybe or maybe not. What can a cream do? It is hot out there and humid so I sweat then sweat is covered by a layer of sand and road dusk, I am all the time in the sun light what in the world would I expect from any cream? Well actually that’s partially an issue. I was expecting what was advertised. A miracle that is, same time having a very slight idea about what this revolutionary ingredient really was. Yes, I got online start research but only got more confused. Unless I was expected to be a chemist there was no way to actually verify the information.

I also tried some DIY recipes and some really were very good with better effect and 10 to 100 times cheaper than what I purchased in the stores. But this still did not answer the question why this ingredient goes with this other one? What are they and how they work? From where the proportions coming? Yes, I got in school and got a diploma in Organic Skincare formulation. I have answered my big why questions and yes now use only what I make for myself exclusively. And I love it. I know exactly what is inside the cream and I know what I can do to change it to get the results I want. Then I started to share with my friends. I did hear why not selling it? Why not? Because those products they liked since I was making it for THEM. I let them choose the smells, I asked what texture they prefer, what their skin type is, what ingredients they know their skin is not happy with. That’s why. And that’s why I believe any woman deserves the same. But to make it clear without any miracles promised. The facts about holistic skincare is fortunately or unfortunately are without new scientific promises. Yes, it is a science to formulate the products. But there is nothing of miracle promise one can get. Let’s see why.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It carries one of the important protective missions for our bodies. Basically it is protecting the body from temperatures changes, getting rid of minerals and waste products from the body with sweat, filtering toxic ingredients from coming into our blood and mainly saving our 80% water bodies from drying out. To avoid going too deep into skin anatomy lets say

the skin is self-repairing, self-maintaining and constructed from the nutrients provided in the diet. This is extremely important to remember. So the actual skincare products can only do so much and if someone is seeking a ‘cure’ for their skin issue then they need to look holistically at their whole body and lifestyle.

The skincare products themselves only play a secondary part. They can only amplify the effects of good diet and healthy lifestyle choices. But with that in mind it obviously makes sense to then ensure that the skincare products that are being used are the very best and healthiest available. Avoiding toxic or artificial ingredients can help the skin a great deal.

It is also important to realize that it isn’t just cosmetics that have an impact on the skin, there are many lifestyle and environmental factors that can either improve or damage the skin

So when choosing or trying to make yourself natural products should bear in mind a few things.

·         Simple is best! The more ingredients the product has the less is the concentration of each. All this means is that the concentration of the main ingredients is basically not enough to make any effect at all.

·         Skincare products we use are basically the food for this organ. What we can do to keep it healthy and maintain the looks. Feed it properly. Like many of us would not think of drinking a detergent.  Same should go for our skin to help it reproduce and regenerate in harsh environment. Just like choosing a diet for ourselves shall choose the correct diet for your skin. Which food is best for you? Well read in our future posts about each ingredients and their use…..


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