Facial toners

Facial toners

Today I was thinking of my friend. She is preparing for hot summer weather. And I know everyone would be looking for hot weather solutions. Women want to rid of oily shine on the face. There are solutions in the market which provide this exactly. Pads, lotions, fuses which absorb oil and dirt from the face providing for matifying effect. I would doubt though the high natural content in some of those. But ever since I became a natural cosmetics fan I keep turning to the old fashioned toner option more and more.

A toner is used to freshen up the skin and clean any residues of cleansers or masques. It is typically used between the cleansing and moisturizing stage of your beauty regime. For oily skin or access of acne though I recommend to replace the cleansing phase with toner completely.  A toner was used to balance the skin’s pH because people used to clean their face with bar soap which is very alkaline. A good toner would balance pH levels of the skin.

Toners are generally water or alcohol-based, but we will only talk about water-based toners in this post. Alcohol can be drying on the skin, so if you use one then make sure to use the good amount of moisturizer.

The benefits of a good toner which I can name would be:

Toners gently remove oil and dirt from the skin shrinking the pores same time. And this in turn can help removing this shiny oily skin look of the face. But in case if using all natural toner this would also not damage the skin with strong preservatives, artificial aromas and colorants so widely used in main stream cosmetology.   

Toners can help close pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing, thus reducing the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin. It can even protect and remove chlorines and minerals present in tap water. In case if the toner contains humectant (the ingredient catching the moisture) then it will be moisturizing as well. It will help the skin remain healthy moisture.

Some toners which contain ingredients with antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities do help to heal the skin and sooth irritated, itchy skin same time. Some ingredients give provide great refreshing effect. Especially those containing fresh citrus or mint ingredients. Believe me it feels great in the heat of summer!

Organic toners are very simple to make at home. The best way to make one at home is to use a blend of hydrosols with botanicals, humectant and possibly essential oils too.

You can blend as many or as few hydrosols together as you like. You can choose your hydrosols to match the outcome you want.

So how to make one at home.

First you should do your research of the hydrosols you want to see in your toner. Read about their qualities and effects. You can make your toner fresh, moisturizing, healing, sweet, antiaging. For example, if you go for cucumber distillate you get fresh feel of the toner which would help your skin wake and breath, choose frankincense hydrosol you will get this mystic feel plus antiaging effect, choose chamomile and your irritated skin would immediately feel better. You can blend at the ratio best suitable for you.

To make the toner moisturizing you can use humectants up to 5% of the product. Those would ingredients like glycerin or glycerin based extracts which would give you the effect of the botanical extracts. Honey, or honey extract.

You can use botanical extracts as well. But make sure the ones you use are water soluble. Unless you are very familiar with emulsification then do choose your ingredients properly.

If you are not sure that all your ingredients are preserved already you’d need a preservative. But the recommended is natural preservative like Preservative Eco which is widely used in organic formulations.

Now saying all that. Try as an example of a fresh and healing toner at home

Cucumber Distillate                    15 ml

Chamomile Blue Hydrosol        15 ml

Rose Otto Hydrosol                   15 ml

Cucumber Glyceride                 3 ml

Beta Carotene water soluble    1.5 ml

Preservative Eco                       0.5 ml


Or modify your formula according to your skin type

Experiment and enjoy all natural products for your skin!

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