Cucumber – Fresh Antioxidant

Cucumber – Fresh Antioxidant

Hello again. It’s been a while for us to write anything from the last year.

Today. Cucumber.

Cucumber is really one of my favorite ingredients. Just the fresh smell is worth a mention. And of course there is so much already written about the benefits of a cucumber.

It is one of the greatest toners and is great for being gentle on the skin so can be used for sensitive areas around the eyes.

Cucumber does revitalize the skin and is healing too as it helps with sunburns. Yes in the middle east overstaying in the sun is one of those issues. Cucumber is a natural and gentle way to treat sunburn since it helps draw the latent heat out of your body

Another great feature of the cucumber would be it does help with the swelling and puffiness. The ascorbic acid and caffeic acid in cucumber brings down the water retention rate which, in turn, diminishes the swelling and puffiness around the eyes. Cucumber can easily reduce the puffiness in your eyes. Simply cut slices of cucumber, refrigerate it for a while and place it on your closed eyelids every day. This will not only bring down the puffiness, but also help you relax. It actually hydrates your eyes and lessens puffiness. If one ever used a fresh cucumber slice as an urgent measure for puffy eyes would of course relate.

It is also mildly lightning so have this effect for improving the tone and complexion of the skin also good for black circles around the eyes. It is a great antioxidant as well since besides the water other constituents primarily include ascorbic acid (vitamin C), caffeic acid (an antioxidant), fatty acids, the mineral silica, plus other trace minerals.

You can also use cucumber to treat open pores and heat bumps on legs. Cucumber juice can absorb the heat, rendering coolness and closing open pores

Cucumbers are wonderfully mixed as well with Aloe Vera my second favorite ingredient. I like to make my fresh cucumber day cream with cucumber and Aloe Vera Oil. Those are also greatly mixed with fresh essential oils like sweet orange or lemon. Makes up for a very fruity and fresh cream.

I personally prefer to use as a toner. So fresh in the morning! I did mention it already as part of a toner. The only problem of using the fresh cucumber juice would probably be the very limited shelf time for a toner as this. So the choices are use the distillate or glycerin extract or a natural preservative. Natural preservatives are quite difficult to find but a distillate or an extract are possible.

To make a one easy toner mix up Orange Blossom 60% Lemon Hydrosol 15% Cucumber Distillate 15% and Aloe Vera Jell 10%. Mix well put into a glass bottle with dispenser and try it in the morning. The result would be very much welcomed by your skin. This would be great for tired stressed skin to refresh and tone. Also very good for making the skin slightly lighter (for those who is fond of lighter skin tones)

And of course if anyone wishing to have a specially formulated cream do send us an email and visit our page.

Cheers and see you in our next blog


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