Cocoa Cosmetic Ingredients – Sweet Chocolate Story

Cocoa Cosmetic Ingredients – Sweet Chocolate Story

If someone says Chocolate is a bad habit don’t believe! Chocolate is good for you. Well it least is great for the mood and I know at least a hundred who can confirm it. J

There were a lot of studies done. Some stating that chocolate is harmful for our bodies. Well if eating too much of chocolate this may be. But too much of anything is usually a trouble. But there are also studies proving that a small piece of chocolate during the day is not harmful but is actually good for the body. It is promoting a more relaxed mood and is helping us concentrate and calm down because it is known for raising serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is affecting our mood and desires.

But besides the tasty treat today we can hear more and more about chocolate spa treatment. Yummy. These treatments in most cases target the antioxidant power of cocoa ingredients as well as it’s nourishing power.

That’s because chocolate is now known to have positive effects on skin elasticity and skin tone. There are more and more studies that show cocoa components as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities. Those contribute to protecting our skin from sun radiation and promoting our skin health.

Of course most of the spa use not just chocolate to put on your skin. I wish though. They use a combination of organic (hopefully) ingredients to give the skin all required nutrients, proper cleansing and detox which the skin requires. And also provide for an enjoyable experience. But this is what the spa is for. But let’s see why chocolate becoming more popular in the industry.

Theobroma cacao, the chocolate tree can produce various ingredients widely used in Cosmetics.  And those are now also considered to be skin superfood.

The most widely used cocoa ingredients would be Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder and Cocoa Absolute or CO2 Extract.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is the pale-yellow, edible natural vegetable fat of the cacao bean. It has a mild chocolate aroma.  The butter is rather hard compare to other widely used butters (like coconut, avocado, mango butter) and is rather less oily for the skin feel.

You can add cocoa butter to any DIY Project if those require more thickness and less oily texture. As it is a hard butter it will always need heating before blending. The butter must become the texture of a vegetable oil to blend it easy.

Use it in chocolate creams, emulsions, balm bars, masks and scrubs.

Cocoa Powder

This dark brown powder smells really like chocolate. While cacao butter contains those healthy lubricating fats to make skin supple, it is the power that contain all those powerful antioxidants.

Cacao powder can be used in any products based on dried ingredients. These are for example, facial masks, cleansing powders for daily face wash.

You could also use it in oil to make a lovely chocolate macerated oil.

Cocoa Absolute

An absolute is similar to an essential oil. Cocoa absolute is a dark brown material which is a bit sticky and thick. It is obtained from the beans and has strong chocolate aroma.

Cacao absolute can be used to add fragrance and therapeutic properties to your chocolate product. It can be very overpowering so only a small amount is needed.

You will need to warm up the absolute before pouring and mixing it into your products because it is thick in texture.

It is great as aroma therapy ingredient and in perfumery.  I love to mix chocolate. Chocolate and sweet orange mix is one of the greatest I managed to get. And I tried many. It is great refreshing and sweet seducing smell. It is absolutely great for any cosmetic product and can be just used in a diffuser to make the room smell delicious. Believe me this smell will make you forget all the stress you have at the moment. Chocolate vanilla and chocolate mint are also great mix. Chocolate mint is very fresh and is great to use in body lotions, body scrub or body cream. Chocolate vanilla is for those who really love it sweet. Because the smell is really like chocolate vanilla cake. J What could be more distressing!

I am sure for all chocolate lovers some home spa with favorite ingredient sounds like a great idea.

So here some ideas for your projects.

Face or body scrub

Coconut oil 30 ml

Cocoa butter 14 ml

Dried coffee powder 15 g

Dried orange peel powder 40 g

Cocoa Absolute 0.5 ml

Sweet Orange Essential oil 0.5 ml

Slightly heat Cocoa butter and coconut oil (best heating with steam to avoid breaking the butter structure) when the mix become rather liquid add exfoliating powders and mix well. After add essential oil and absolute and mix well. You can slightly change the ratio of coconut and cocoa butter to get the thickness and oily feel which is best for you but keep the end volume at 100 ml. You can also replace essential oils to those you like most. But do not go over 1% of total mix.

Remember though that you will use this blend in water. And if you are not using any natural preservatives do not make a big amount and use comfortable jar to avoid having it full of water.


Refreshing chocolate toner

Rosewater 50ml

Orange blossom hydrosol 40 ml

Glycerin 9 ml

Cocoa Absolute 0.5 ml

Rose Otto Essential oil 0.5 ml

Facial mists are super-easy to make. Mix the hydrosols, add glycerin and mix well. Add Essential oils and transfer to the pump bottle or spray bottle. Make sure to shake before use as essential oils are not dissolving in water and tend to collect on top.  In this formula you can also choose your smells and hydrosols.

Enjoy your projects and let us know what you think! We love to see your pictures and comments.

Also check out our Chocolate mint cream. It is absolutely great cooling and fresh cream. Best for combination or dry skin. Or can be used as a body lotion. Great natural and safe alternative for you and your family.

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