Body wrap at home

Body wrap at home

Body Wraps are a wonderful way to take care of the body, reduce after childbirth skin problems, firm and tighten the skin, lose some weight even! This treatment is well represented in beauty salons nowadays! It can be combined with a massage and sauna which are a perfect combination! 

I am personally a big fan of this treatment as indeed it does help the body a great deal! Cleansing the pores and tightening the skin.

Most popular now as far as I can see are the body wraps for weight loss. I will not state that those do make you lose weight all alone. To lose weight properly one yet should go for exercise and diet if required. But one thing is quite true this treatment can and will enhance your effort beautifully and if not make you thin at a minimum will make your skin very happy!

Today a short post about making a body wrap at home. Since my schedule is not very stable I often do not have either time or a chance to schedule the procedure and be there in time. So for some busy people like me, this might as well be an option. 

One great thing to do especially in this season. Try the pool, then let yourself sweat a bit then hot shower with natural body scrub (check out our previous post on homemade body scrub)

And allow yourself 20 minutes break under a blanket with a cup of herbal tea or juice or water. 

Repeat this procedure 10-15 times and the results will amaze you!

Try making this hot honey and mustard wrap at home. See this short video

You can modify the ingredients slightly and experiment! 

Let us know if you have tried this recipe and if you enjoyed!


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