Beard care

Beard care

Since a large part of our blog's subscribers are men, it was for them I decided to come up with this post today. Specially since caring for a beard with special products is one topic men care about.

In the Middle East, and recently throughout the world, great attention is paid to the symbol of masculinity - the beard. The variety and forms can be seen on the covers of magazines, in the media, around us at work and in the immediate surroundings. Indeed, the beard changes the image and, with a competent approach, creates a unique style. If there are still those who think that, growing a beard, they will get rid of the hassle of caring for the face and shaving then they will have no idea. Caring for a beard - is the task which is much more troublesome than a simple shave.

I think any man who has ever tried to grow a beard knows for certain about the stages of the growth and the troubles associated with it. For those who do not know, I explain: define two basic types of beard - adjacent (when the length of the beard does not reach 2-3 cm) and free (when grow long hair), while it may be incomplete (when the cheeks are shaved) Or full (when the beard grows and cover the cheeks as well).
For beginners, the stylists advise to start growing an adjacent beard of incomplete type, it does not need to be specially washed, but it is easy enough to sometimes trim and trim with a trimmer. After that you can think about having free beard. If your goal is a beautiful and stylish beard, but you do not have much time for it, it's best to stop on an incomplete long beard, not more than 10 cm long.

Often, those who try to grow a beard face the problem characteristic of the first few weeks - the hairs grow enough to flatten and scratch the skin. There is itching and unpleasant sensations. At this stage, it is recommended to use a cream that soothes the skin, as well as moisturizing oils. And patience. After all, there is a new look and style ahead!
If you decide to grow a beard or you have already shown the courage to acquire it, then the following recommendations are for you.

How to take care of the beard correctly?

The main rule is to keep your beard clean! There is an opinion that for this it is necessary to use only special products, but this is not so. You can do with your favorite shampoo and conditioner, which you use to wash your head. The frequency of application is at least 2 times a week.
In the old days, usual soap was used to care for the beard, but in our time this method is not the best, because soap makes hair rough and stiff. In extreme cases, if the skin is sensitive to cosmetic products, you can use baby soap, the softest among the others. And, of course, we will have to take the rule of checking the beard and mustache for the absence of foreign elements in them after each meal;)

Do not forget to comb your beard at least once a day. Owners of the adjacent variant need to carefully monitor the shape of the mustache and beard, as it changes much faster than the free style beard.

If necessary (if there was gray hair) - can dye your beard. Remember that the color of the beard should not differ from the color of the hair more than one tone.

Avoid smell of tobacco using aromatic oils, which, in addition, help make the beard soft and silky. In addition, they help get rid of the yellow hair associated with smoking (honey extract, chamomile oil, lemon oil). When choosing an aromatic oil, remember that the fragrance should be pleasant to you, since the hair perfectly keeps smells for the whole day. Common oils used for this are chamomile, orange, lemon, mint, ylang-ylang, neroli, rosemary, rose, tea tree oil. However, you can choose oil to your taste, guided also by its useful properties.

For styling beards, many use special gels and waxes. For curly hair, you can use light gels of medium fixation, and for curly hair - creams and waxes.

Massage the lower part of the face, like scalp massage, stimulates blood circulation, helping hair grow healthy and shiny. It can be carried out with light oils, such as almond, jojoba or avocado oil.

To soften the beard, use coconut oil. It perfectly suits and protects the beard from dryness, especially in hot climates.

I hope, our recommendations will help you in finding a beautiful and stylish beard, which will enthrall your loved ones and will serve as a reason to admire your friends and colleagues!

We look forward to your comments! See you soon!

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