Absolute oils - elite oils

Absolute oils - elite oils

Absolute oils are highly concentrated natural fragrances with a strong and persistent aroma, derived from extractive essential oils, more viscous and dense in consistency, and therefore they are more economical and are used in low concentrations. The aromas of the absolutes are very strong, but natural and fascinating.
This medicinal product is used in many spheres - for mixing with ready-made cosmetic products for their enrichment with useful properties of plants, for adding to handmade cosmetics, for mixing with base oils to create high-class massage oils, perfume compositions and in aromatherapy.
Let me remind you that the absolutes are extremely concentrated, therefore they must be diluted before adding to a particular product, and if they need to be added in undiluted form, they should be used in negligible portions. For delusion, a maximum of 20% of their concentration can be used as essential oils.

The effect of absolute oil (like any other oil) depends on both its type (that is, the properties of the plant from which it is made) and its quality and quantity in a particular product.
We offer the absolute oils of cocoa, tea tree and calendula.

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